The mission of GoBoat London is  to make the canal waters accessible to all, in a sociable and sustainable manner.


GoBoats have been designed to support a sociable experience. Our boats allow guests to comfortably face each other, whilst enjoying food and drink on a large picnic table in the middle of the boat. Hiring a GoBoat is a fantastic way to spend time with friends, family and colleagues whilst watching London slowly drift by.

The Route

From our base location in Merchant Square, GoBoats have access to a stunning section of the London canal network. Guests will leave Merchant Square and sail up to Little Venice, along the Regent’s canal up to Camden Lock. Please see our map below for more information on the route you can take. 

The GoBoat

The GoBoat has been designed to provide a sense of freedom, wellbeing and togetherness.  The contemporary, yet functional design of the GoBoat reflects the surroundings of our urban location in central London.


GoBoat London proactively collaborates with local stakeholder groups. The Paddington Partnership is a key partner of GoBoat London, and GoBoat London is also closely aligned to the strategic priorities of the Canal and Rivers Trust.


Sustainability is a core principle of GoBoat London. We aim to source our materials from sustainable sources wherever possible, and do all we can to positively contribute to the natural environment. 80% of the volume of our boat is made from recycled plastic, and any wood used on our boats is sourced sustainably. Our boats are powered by electric engines in order to ensure no noise or environmental pollution.

Route Map


Suggested Route

In order to fully enjoy the GoBoat London experience, we recommend hiring a boat for a minimum of 2 hours. Please see the below guidance on the route you can take for your adventure.

Take a picturesque journey and enjoy some of the most historical sights on the London canals, such as Little Venice, Regents Park, London Zoo and Camden Lock. You will enjoy a totally new perspective on London!

A one hour rental period allows for a short trip to Little Venice and a venture through the Maida Hill tunnel to Regents Park followed by a return journey back to base. For the more adventurous, a two hour trip will allow a cruise past London Zoo and a visit to the cultural hub of Camden lock before returning back to the GoBoat pontoon.

Please note, for weekend bookings we advise a three hour adventure is booked for a return trip to Camden, in order to allow for the increased traffic on the canals. A 3 hour trip at the weekend allows for a more relaxed journey, and allows boaters to totally switch off from the hustle and bustle of the city.