Go on a City Adventure

Private boat hire in Canary Wharf

Ditch the daily grind and experience London like never before on an electric GoBoat. Glide through the iconic Docklands and soak up jaw-dropping views of Canary Wharf's impressive architecture from an unbeatable vantage point.

You're the captain of your own voyage, so rally your squad, colleagues, or family for an unforgettable social sailing escapade. With space for up to 8 aboard, it's the ultimate chill vibe to kick back, bond, and create epic memories.

Forget being tethered to your screens – this is your chance to truly disconnect and live in the moment. Embrace the city's energy as you cruise along the waterways, enjoying quality time with your crew and soaking up the unique atmosphere.

Whether you're an urban professional, or a family seeking an extraordinary adventure, our electric boat rentals offer a fresh, eco-friendly way to explore Canary Wharf.

Enough room for 8 people

No boating license required

Relaxing 3.5mph speed

Eco friendly silent electric motor

Purchase alcohol from kiosk

Drinks delivered to your boat

GoBoat odense 2 boats on water in Odense -


GoBoat odense 2 boats with friends- Andrew Rogala


Renting a boat in Docklands

It's easy to rent a boat in Canary Whart with GoBoat. Just book online and show up 15 minutes before the booked time at Canary Wharf. The person renting must be 18 years old.

You could try your luck going to our location at Wood Wharf to see if we have available boats. If so, we are happy to rent you a boat. However, we recommend to book online.

We'll teach you how to sail and instruct you about the rules. No license required. Have a look at how sailing a GoBoat works.

Rules and information about renting a GoBoat in Docklands:

  • GoBoat Canary Wharf is now open for the 2024 boating season!
  • Up to 8 people per boat
  • No license or prior experience needed
  • Alcohol restrictions apply: Alcohol must be purchased from our kiosk or website. Alcohol purchased from any other vendor will be temporarily held until the end of your voyage.
  • A maximum of two beers/ cans or half a bottle of wine per person. The captain (driver) must remain sober at all times.
  • A GoBoat's speed is about 3 knots (3.5 mph) so you can focus on enjoying the sights and spending time with loved ones
  • You can reschedule or amend your booking up to 48 hours prior to your departure time
  • Find out more about our food offering in Canary Wharf

Pricing for GoBoat Canary Wharf

Choose the number of hours that suits your trip. Each boat can accommodate up to 8 people.

1 hour

Taster Cruise

Short and sweet, but an unforgettable flavour of the GoBoat experience. Perfect for first-time sailors just wanting to get their feet wet.

Prices are per boat and each boat holds up to 8 people.



Most popular
2 hours

Scenic Sail

Our crowd favorite for a reason! With enough time to kick back and soak up those iconic city views. Don't forget to pack your own beverages and bites to make it an extra lush afternoon sail.

Prices are per boat and each boat holds up to 8 people.



3 hours

The Full Monty

This is the main event - your chance to go all-in on an epically immersive day out on the open waters. With a full 3 hours, you'll have plenty of time to explore hidden gems and soak up all those good vibes.

Prices are per boat and each boat holds up to 8 people.



Route map for GoBoat Canary Wharf

Navigate through the London Docklands with our map. Take a look at the sailing area to prepare yourself for a great trip on the water.

You set sail from Canary Wharf and sail through the canals. You'll also find the map attached to the picnic table in the boat.

Things to see in the harbor:

  • Harbour Quay Gardens
  • Crossrail Place
  • Billingsgate Market
  • Blackwall Basin
  • The O2
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Canary Wharf from the water

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Customer service at GoBoat


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Enjoy a picnic on the water

We recommend taking food and drinks with you on your trip. You can buy both drinks and snacks at GoBoat. If you book online, we'll have it ready for your when you arrive. Or add drinks and snacks at check in.

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How to find GoBoat Canary Wharf

  • Our address: 22 Churchill Place, London E14 5RE
  • Opening time: Please check the booking system for specific opening hours.
  • Public transportation: We are a 5 minute walk from both Canary Wharf underground station and Canary Wharf Elizabeth Line station