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Make your next corporate outing, company event, team meeting, wellness session or other social event an unforgettable experience on the water with your colleagues by booking with GoBoat.

A GoBoat is a unique experience to share with your team, creating a perfect social setting in a relaxing and scenic environment. Research has shown that being on the water can improve mental wellbeing, so if you're taking a break from the office why not head out on a boat to truly disconnect from your inbox!

Each boat is designed with space for up to 8 people around a central table which is perfect for socialising, picnicking or even team-building activities.

How to book

When choosing GoBoat for your next corporate event, you have two choices: self-service or bespoke.

If you simply want to book the boats yourself you can do so via our booking system. You will be able to add items such as Captain's Hats, and for some locations food is also available to pre-order. Please note that you can only book three boats at a time, so if you are a larger group you may have to place multiple bookings. It may be easier to contact us so we can do the admin for you.

With the bespoke approach, you provide the information required and we make the booking for you. If you have any additional requests or requirements, we are more than happy to discuss them with you. Please note that an administration fee of 10% will be chargeable for bespoke bookings.

GoBoat trip with colleagues in Paddington

Reasons to choose GoBoat

A GoBoat trip doesn't have to be for a post-work jolly (but those are welcome too!) Here are some other ways GoBoat can benefit your place of work:

  • The central picnic table on each boat is perfect for picnics and you're welcome to bring your own food and drink. You could even bring along some team-building activities
  • Being on the water has been shown to improve mental wellbeing. Why not take that one step further and conduct a wellness session on board?
  • Short on meeting room space? Take the discussion outdoors and benefit from the inspiring scenery along each of our routes
  • Meet a client on a boat - impress them with your sailing abilities as well as your sales techniques

Explore our UK locations

Where do you want to sail?

Explore our UK locations

Where do you want to sail?


Canary Wharf


Thames Ditton


Which GoBoat locations offer corporate bookings?

You can make a corporate booking for any one of our 5 UK locations

How do I make a corporate booking?

If you want to make the booking yourself, you can do so via our booking system. Please note that you can only book 3 boats at a time so if you are a large group you may have to make several separate bookings

Do you provide food and drink?

Food can be ordered at the time of booking if you are visiting our Canary Wharf location. There are no food or beverage provisions at our other locations at this time.

Can we bring our own food and drink?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink to enjoy on the journey. Please note that alcohol limits apply and Paddington is an alcohol-free location.