Family Adventures on the Thames: GoBoat Hire in Kingston

Looking for an exciting and unique family day out in London? Discover GoBoat hire in Kingston upon Thames! This self-drive boating experience offers the perfect blend of adventure, education, and relaxation for families with young children. Let's explore why GoBoat should top your list of things to do in London.

Why Choose GoBoat for Your Family Adventure?

GoBoat offers a truly unique boating experience that's ideal for families:

  • Self-drive boats: Be the captain of your own adventure! No strangers or professional skipper on board means a private, intimate experience for your family.
  • Easy to operate: Controlled with a simple tiller, these boats are perfect for beginners. No boating experience necessary!
  • Safe for children: Safety is our top priority. Life jackets are provided for all passengers under 16, and a comprehensive safety briefing is given before each trip.
  • Eco-friendly: Electric motors are whisper-quiet, ideal for observing local wildlife without disturbance. It's a great opportunity to teach kids about eco-friendly transport!
  • Sociable seating: The central table allows for easy conversation and picnicking.
  • Dog-friendly: Your furry family members are welcome aboard, making it a truly inclusive family outing.

Planning Your GoBoat Adventure in Kingston

Location and Scenery

Kingston upon Thames provides a picturesque setting for your family boat trip. As you cruise along the river, you'll enjoy:

  • Beautiful riverside properties
  • Abundant wildlife, including swans and other water birds
  • Historic sites like Hampton Court Palace

The gentle cruising speed of 4mph ensures a relaxed, enjoyable journey, perfect for taking in the sights and creating lasting memories.

family GoBoat trip Kingston Bridge scenery

What to Bring on a Boat Trip

To make the most of your GoBoat experience, consider packing:

  • A picnic to enjoy on board (a cost-effective way to make your outing even more special)
  • Suncream, hats and drinking water
  • A camera to capture memories
  • Warm layers (the weather can be unpredictable!)
  • Activities for kids, like colouring in books

Tips for a Successful Family Boat Trip

  1. Book in advance: Especially during peak seasons and weekends.
  2. Arrive early: Allow at least 15 minutes to get settled and receive your safety briefing.
  3. Involve the kids: Let them help plan the route with our handy map
  4. Turn it into a learning experience: Use the trip to teach kids about map reading, waterways, and local history.
  5. Take it slow: Enjoy the journey and the beautiful surroundings.
Family GoBoat trip Kingston spring

The GoBoat Experience: Creating Family Memories

A GoBoat adventure offers more than just a boat ride. It's an opportunity to:

  • Get closer to nature: Observe wildlife up close without disturbing them, thanks to the quiet electric motor.
  • Enjoy family time: The boat's design encourages interaction, with seating around a central table perfect for picnics and games.
  • Explore at your own pace: As the captain, you decide where to go and when to stop.
  • Learn new skills: Kids (and adults!) can try their hand at steering the boat under supervision.

Why Kingston is the Perfect Location

Kingston upon Thames offers a unique blend of urban amenities and natural beauty:

  • Rich history: Cruise past Hampton Court Palace, a Tudor marvel on the banks of the Thames.
  • Wildlife spotting: Keep an eye out for various bird species, including the majestic swans.
  • Scenic views: Admire beautiful riverside properties and lush landscapes as you sail by.
GoBoat trip with friends summer fun Kingston Thames Ditton

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a boat in London?

Prices start from £65 for 1 hour on a boat that fits up to 8 people, making it an affordable option for family days out in London.

Do you need a licence to hire a boat in the UK?

No licence is required to hire a GoBoat. Our staff will provide all necessary instructions during the safety briefing.

How long is a typical boat ride on the Thames?

GoBoat offers various rental durations, typically ranging from 1 to 3 hours. Choose the length that best suits your family's needs.

Conclusion: A Unique Family Day Out in London

GoBoat hire in Kingston upon Thames offers a fantastic opportunity for families to create lasting memories. It's a chance to see London from a different perspective, get closer to nature, and enjoy quality time together. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, enjoying a weekend treat, or looking for school holiday activities, GoBoat provides an unforgettable experience.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary adventure. Book your GoBoat experience today and set sail on a journey your family will treasure for years to come!

Remember, when planning your family days out in London, think beyond the usual tourist spots. A GoBoat adventure provides a perfect blend of sightseeing, relaxation, and family bonding. The Thames is waiting to be explored – are you ready to embark on your own boating adventure?

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Can I go sailing when it's raining?

Yes, of course! If the forecast is looking rainy, remember to pack some weather-appropriate clothing. We also have umbrellas available for you to borrow free of charge.

Are the boats covered?

No, our boats are not covered. However, if it rains there are umbrellas on each boat that you can borrow for free.

Do we have to wear life jackets?

Lifejackets are optional for adults but are a requirement for anyone aged 16 years old or below.

How many people can fit in a GoBoat?

GoBoats have a maximum capacity of 8 people, this includes children and babies.