Have Your Drinks Delivered to Your Boat by Butler Service

By Grant Sweeney

Last updated July 11, 2024

Luxury Boat Hire with Butler Service in Canary Wharf: GoBoat's New VIP Experience

Experience the ultimate in waterway indulgence with GoBoat's brand-new "Butler Boat" service at Canary Wharf. Elevate your boat hire adventure with on-demand drinks and snacks delivered straight to your vessel, turning a simple outing into a luxurious experience.

What is the Butler Boat Service?

Butler Boat Canary Wharf

GoBoat Canary Wharf is revolutionising on-water hospitality with our exclusive "Butler Boat" service. Whether you're a sightseer or a fun-seeker, renting a GoBoat now comes with the option to dial up the luxury. Fancy a tipple whilst cruising the docklands? Simply scan the QR code menu and summon the Butler Boat!

Within minutes, our distinctive red motor boat will pull alongside, bearing a selection of premium refreshments. Choose from chilled Prosecco, craft beer, or a refreshing gin & tonic - all hand-delivered by our attentive boating butler.

How Does the Butler Boat Service Work?

Ordering couldn't be simpler. Each GoBoat comes equipped with a QR code menu offering an array of indulgent options:

  • Moët & Chandon champagne
  • Prosecco
  • Wine selection
  • Craft beers
  • Ciders
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails (including Espresso Martini)
  • Snacks (Kettle Chips, Pringles, and Candy Kittens)

Once you've placed your order via smartphone, our Butler Boat will make its grand approach within 15 minutes. This allows your group to continually restock without wasting valuable sailing time returning to the dock.

A VIP Experience on London's Waterways

"That was so boujee, I can't believe we just had some Champagne delivered to our boat. It was like a James Bond experience," raved Sylvia, a customer who recently enjoyed the Butler Boat service.

Whether you're celebrating an engagement, hosting a hen do, organising a corporate team-building event, or simply treating yourself with friends or family, GoBoat's whimsical offering transforms any Canary Wharf sailing excursion into an unforgettable, indulgent occasion.

Grant Sweeney, Co-founder of GoBoat London, explains: "With the Butler Boat, we're bringing a fun, VIP-level hospitality experience to our Canary Wharf location. It's the ultimate way to live your best boat life while exploring London's waterways."

Can You Bring Your Own Picnic?

The Butler Boat service complements GoBoat's existing pre-order options in Canary Wharf, such as picnic platters and alcohol packages. While you can bring your own food and soft drinks, alcohol must be purchased from GoBoat. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Pre-order via the website
  2. Purchase at the kiosk when you check-in
  3. Order from the Butler Boat once you're out sailing

Book Your Luxury Boat Experience Today

Rental rates for this unique experience start at just £65 for a 1-hour cruise aboard our eco-friendly, 8-person electric boats. No boating licence or experience is required - though a taste for the finer things in life is certainly welcome!

Gather your crew and let GoBoat's Butler Boat service treat you like A-listers on London's Docklands this summer. It's time to elevate your Canary Wharf boat hire experience to new heights of luxury.